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At the outset, we would like to tell you a few words about ourselves and the products created by our manufacture located near Rawa Mazowiecka. The name of our brand "Solomijka" was taken from the former Ukrainian-Russian name Solomiya, which is also the name of our little, lovely daughter. Her coming into the world radically changed our outlook on life and initially inspired us to start creating healthy sweets for her to properly support her her development, developing good eating habits and giving her what every child loves - the joy of eating sweets while maintaining health and a properly balanced diet. So we started a tiny production for our own needs. People were asking about preparing such sweets also for their children. However, we often saw that the parents eagerly eat these delicacies themselves. Hence the idea for the "Solomijka" brand, so that more and more children and adults could enjoy the taste of these natural snacks This is how it all started ... ..from the matrix anian care for the child, through encouragement from family, friends and acquaintances, to the construction and preparation of a small production plant - our small manufacture, in which we create natural sweets and not only sweets ... What we are particularly proud of is the fact that we are a family business , whose motto is to prepare the offered snacks from the highest quality products - fresh fruit and vegetables in such a way as tasty and healthy as if we were preparing them for ourselves and our own family.

Just as our family combines Slavic multinationalism and multiculturalism, our products also draw on the culinary tradition of Eastern Europe, bringing back to life old recipes for tasty and healthy fruit delicacies and other excellent fruit and vegetable preserves.

In our online store you will find various variants of fruit and vegetable delicacies created exclusively in our manufacture. What we offer you to a great extent consists of fresh products from our own crops or from friendly local farmers.

The natural sweets offered here are unique artisanal products made by us to a large extent by hand, but always with the highest standards of quality and safety of production, storage and transport. It is the craft nature of small-scale production that makes it unique - we put our heart and emotions into every fruit of our work, as well as great care and concern.

The production of healthy food, including healthy sweets, is the essence of our work, which has also become our passion. Because we create delicacies without emulsifiers and artificial colors, especially our pastilles are completely free of any preservatives, added sugars or sweeteners.

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