Our manufactory

Our Manufaktura Dobrego Smaku i Zdrowie, which includes a production plant, a small warehouse and an office, as well as a factory shop, is located in Głuchówek near Rawa Mazowiecka (only approx. 2 km from the center of Rawa Mazowiecka, from the Rawa-Opoczno route you need to turn to Matyldów, all access is via an asphalt route, we have a large hardened car park for motorists). As a manufacture that creates healthy food and promotes a healthy lifestyle, we pay special attention to environmental protection, CO2 reduction and production, supporting the principles of sustainable development. That is why we produce our delicacies using solar energy obtained from photovoltaic panels. We also reduce the use of plastic and foil where possible by packing a large proportion of our delicacies in paper / cardboard packaging or packaging with a limited plastic or foil content.

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